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Standard and Mini MoonBoard DIY Kit Build Instructions

You will need basic carpentry skills, tools, and a minimum of two people.

If you have any doubts regarding the construction of your MoonBoard, please seek professional advice.

Step 1: Build your frame

The structural requirements of your MoonBoard frame may differ from those suggested in this document, however it is essential that your MoonBoard is built to the exact height, width and angles as those specified below.

Upright supports x 4, set 813 mm (2’ 8”) apart. Fix your supports above the kickboard at the appropriate angle for your MoonBoard (40-degrees or 25-degrees). The kickboard height should measure 370 mm (1’ 21⁄2”).

MoonBoard DIY Kit Build Guide

Step 2: Attach the panels in your DIY Kit to the frame

The DIY MoonBoard Kit includes eight panels: Two kickboard panels and six square panels for the main body of the board. Align and attach each of the panels to the frame. The DIY Kit panels are pre-painted with the classic MoonBoard design, so allocating each panel to the correct spot on the board is very easy. To ensure your MoonBoard remains rigid, brace horizontally across the joints of the panels.

If you have not purchased one of our DIY Kits and are making your own panels, it is essential that you space and drill the hold and LED holes exactly to the specifications outlined in our self-build instruction guide (hyperlink), otherwise you do not have a MoonBoard!

You can download our panel specifications here: MoonBoard Panel Specifications - Metric | MoonBoard Panel Specifications - Imperial

Complete your MoonBoard using the following artwork specifications: MoonBoard Panel Specifications and Artwork PDF

The paint colour references for the MoonBoard artwork are as follows. Orange RAL1023 and Grey RAL 7012

Step 3: Install your LED System on the MoonBoard

MoonBoard LED System Installation and Trouble-Shooting

Step 4: Fix your holds to your MoonBoard

Download and install the MoonBoard App to find the hold positions. Make sure you have selected the correct MoonBoard setup: Settings>MoonBoard layout. Then Settings>Hold Positions.  Each hold can be fixed in 8 different compass directions: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW. Each hold has an arrow indicator which must be pointing in the direction indicated. Use the surrounding t-nuts/holds to align the arrow indicator in the correct direction.

Step 5: Climb!