New Batch Drop of Mini MoonBoard Benchmarks

New Batch of Mini MoonBoard Benchmarks 

Thanks to the hard work of the Mini MoonBoard moderators there is a fresh January batch of benchmarks to sink your teeth into! 

From 6A+ to 7B+

No Kicker Warmup by Zach Lum

Napoleon Complex by elicaplan
Fall In by James Zanoni
Cruising to Havana by bobonautti

General Strike by Milan
Poor Richard's Almanac by lifehasorder
People's Choice by Callen
Toronto by red_rock
D is Nuts 6B+ by Kern
Uncomfortable Dumb by Weakfingers
Ternitz/Texas Hauptsach by DiPu

The Aftermath by Weakfingers
Gaston Heights by espressoclimbs
Mirror Line by Tom
Fat Booty by
Novocaine, No Gain by

Novocaine, No Gain 6C - Video

Bohemian King by Mark Buckle
Pyramid Head by Von (will upgrade from 6C)
Oman by Marco Pisciotta
Rody's Affair by oliwa
Finger Factory 20 by nosebeast

Full Value by skinny.ledge.end
Secret Handshake by lasagnalats
Lowtiergod 2 by BigT
Electro by Dolph
Mehr Frust Als Lust by Roli

Die Weakness by Dolph
Tension Benching by badbunny 
Supreme Clientele by Newbe
Zaurete by Leon
Protect Ya Neck by lee.carabani

Tension Benching 7A+ - Video

Things Fall Apart by Newbe
Fierce Guardianship by d. chu

Fierce Guardianship 7B - Video

7B+ and harder
Texas Roadhouse by d. chu

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